The Night I Said ‘Yes’


Eric and I had talked about marriage several times, but nothing was happening.  I was becoming unbearable to talk to.  I’m sure my mom and several of my friends dreaded seeing my name pop up on their Caller IDs.  I just couldn’t understand what the hold up was.  We had been dating for a little over two years, so we wouldn’t have been jumping into anything.  We were currently living together, so it wasn’t like we had to ‘get used’ to each others’ little annoying habits.  I loved his family and he loved mine, so it wasn’t like we were worried about our possible in-laws driving us crazy.  And we loved each other.  I was getting very, very impatient.

Then on Thanksgiving, I finally had a glimmer of hope.  Eric informed me that he was going out with his sister the next day.  There was something she needed to ‘help’ him with, and I wasn’t allowed to go with.  Immediately I know what the little errand was all about.  I was ecstatic!!  Finally…it was going to happen.  Now all I had to do was wait…

Fast forward to the week before Christmas vacation.  I love Eric with all my heart, but sneakiness is not his forte (I have found a few gifts because they were ‘hidden’ out in the open).

Monday: “Hey Eric, let’s go out to a nice dinner Friday since it’s the start of both our breaks.”

               “I was going to suggest the same thing.  We can make reservations somewhere.”  Reservations….hmmm…

Tuesday: I received a text from Eric while I was at work: Hey!  Just so you know I made reservations at Bella Mia for 7 on Friday.

               Eric NEVER makes reservations that far in advance.  We’re a fly by our seat kind of couple.

Wednesday: “Jess, I’ll be home but I have to shower and then run out real quick.”  Now my engagement alert was on high because all of this is out of the ordinary.

Finally Friday comes, and I am nervous and excited all at once.  I am almost sure that he is going to ask me to marry him.  When we get to the restaurant we find out that our reservation has been lost, but fortunately the managers were very accommodating and found us a table quickly.  The restaurant was absolutely beautiful, with a gorgeous white Christmas tree right next to our table.  The mood was set, the food was delicious, and I was ready…or so I thought. 

Halfway through the meal Eric says to me, “So, when we’re done with dinner we can just pop next door (to the local bar) and grab a drink.”  My heart sank.  There was no way Eric was going to ask me to to be his wife and then we would just ‘grab a drink’.  I was devastated, and was trying really hard not to show it.

Right before we got the check, Eric excused himself to the bathroom.  Several minutes later (he was taking an awfully long time in there), he returned and pointed at the floor.  “What’s that on the ground?”  I looked up to see him down on his knee repeating over and over “I just love you so much!  Will you marry me?” 

Of course I said yes, and he slipped the most beautiful ring I had ever seen on my finger.  I was in heaven!  I was engaged!  If that wasn’t enough, Eric then told me that many of our friends and family were waiting next door for us.  He had organized an engagement party for us without me knowing!  I was floored, not only because my friends had kept it from me all week, but because Eric actually was very sneaky!

The rest of the night was a blur.  I am still on my engagement high, and I am unbelievably excited about planning our wedding.  But I am most excited about the prospect of starting this huge chapter in my life, with the most amazing guy in the world.



7 thoughts on “The Night I Said ‘Yes’

  1. I just loved this and you! I’m so glad that this night turned out to be everything you ever wanted it to be! You guys are the most amazing couple and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you two! Whatever it is, it will be amazing!

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