My One True Literary Love

I love books!  I have read more than I can count! Some fantastic and then the not so fantastic.  But one series will always be my absolute, hands down, no one can do it better, favorite series of all time.  HARRY POTTER!  I was introduced to the Harry Potter series my Freshman year of high school when it was offered as a school wide read.  It was then that I fell head-over-heels in love!

Harry and friends did more than entertain me, they taught me several valuable lessons:

Everyone has something inside them that makes them special.  It might take a while to discover it, but it is there. – Ron and Neville

Good will always win over evil. (I mean come on…Harry defeated the most powerful wizard in the entire world, and he was 17).

Fly that freak flag proudly because being different is the only way to truly be you! – Luna Lovegood

True friends will follow you to the ends of the Earth (or risk their lives several times no matter how ridiculous the plan). – Hermione and Ron

And last but not least…

Everything is better with a wand!  (Ohh the possibilities!)

The day I brought home that seventh and final book, I savored it.  I forced myself to not finish it in a few days, knowing that when it was done, it was done.  When I did finally finish the book, I sobbed like a baby.  Not because of the tragedy that occurs in the story, but because I felt like a HUGE chapter of my life had ended with the final words of that book. My eight year journey with Harry and friends was over.  Sure there was Harry related material to fill the void (movies, theme park), but nothing ever came close to filling the hole in my literary heart.  To this day, I know that I can pick up any Harry Potter book and it’s like meeting up with an old friend.

What I can look forward to though, is the day my children are old enough to enjoy the books.  Then I will get the chance to experience the world of Harry Potter all over again, except this time through the eyes of my own children.


10 thoughts on “My One True Literary Love

  1. Fly your Freak Flag! Love this! I wonder where you came up with that line?! 🙂
    I love that you are able to connect so many life lessons to these characters. Your love for reading is infectious! I loved reading this post!

  2. I cannot express how much I love this post and you for writing it and loving something so stellarly awesome. I remember the summer I got married my mom held the book hostage because I needed to get stuff done. So I guess you can be glad in that respect that there are no more books. 😉 I too was so so sad when it was over.

  3. I have books like that – books that I cried at the end just because I didn’t want to let go. I never finished the Harry Potter series (don’t hate me for that). Maybe I should!

  4. My ten year old is going through this now. I am too old to have grown up with the books. I read them in my thirties because my students insisted. I remember hearing about the midnight costume parties when new book was released. I’ve been wondering lately why kids love a series of multiple books so much. The story? The characters?

  5. I remember doing housework one day and realizing that I was worrying about what was going to happen to Natalie (I was reading The Winds of War by Herman Wouk). I think that when we carry characters into the daily activities of life – the author has truly succeeded. I know the feeling of not wanting a book/series to end!

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