My Favorite Part of Day

Every day is pretty much the same routine. 

Wake, work, home, dinner.

But dinner is my favorite part because

We don’t discuss our day.

We don’t share our highs or lows.

We don’t sit at our dining room table and bond.

Dinner is my favorite part because

We do yell.

We do compete.

We do test our skills.

Every day is pretty much the same routine.

Wake, work, home, dinner.

But dinner is my favorite part because of


I <3 the Gym…Sometimes

I lovelikedeal with…show up to the gym.  I really wish I could be one of those people who thrive on going to the gym.  You know that type, the ones who constantly update Facebook letting everyone know about every gym session and sign up for all types of races.  Those people who actually consider going to the gym a hobby, not a chore.  Unfortunately, I’m the one who hmms and haaaws every time I have to go. 

The only days I genuinely enjoy going to the gym are the days that I get to work with my awesome trainer, Jillian.  I love my Jillian days because she tells me exactly what to do and how to do it.  She pushes me…hard, and I usually grunt in a very unladylike way through much of our workouts.  She makes me sweat.  Half of the workouts she has me do cause me to stare at her like she is crazy, but I do them anyway.  When I leave Jillian I’m exhausted, but I feel great!

Jillian started as my trainer, but has grown to become my friend.  I see her twice a week, which is more than I see most of my friends.  When we are training we talk about everything. The best part is, I can tell her anything (and not just because she doesn’t know most of the people I talk about).  Jillian has seen me at my absolute best and at my absolute worst.

Although Jillian makes me sweaty and sore, it has all been worth it.  Because of Jillian, I am down 20 pounds and I’m not done yet.  I am stronger and leaner.  My clothes fit better.  I am in the best shape I’ve been in, in the last 10 years.  And I’m happier…just not always while on my way to the gym.

My Spring Vacations

At first I was bummed

No Spring Vacation for me.

Then I realized that I could change that,

Why spend money on a trip,

When I can go to a ton of places in one week.

I’ll be saving Earth from the people of Lunar

With a cyborg named Cinder and her new friend Cress.

I am planning a trip to The Land of Stories

Where I’ll come face to face with all my favorite fairy tale characters.

Lastly, I’ll be finding The Death Cure

In a post-apocalyptic world.

So no toes in the sand,

Or sun kissed skin

Or a warm ocean breeze,

For me.

Just new adventures every day







Sing Along

I do not have a musical bone in my body, but music is so integral in my life.

My love for music started when I was ten years old and I first saw Grease.  I was enthralled with the love story between Danny and Sandy.  I sang along to Summer Nights, knew all the hand movements to Greased Lightnin, (not necessarily what they were actually singing about)and shoo-bob-de-bobed along with the gang to We Belong Together.  Now I am obsessed with musicals, and get to enjoy several a year with my girlfriends.

Animated Disney movies are my guilty pleasure.  I love the songs!!  After seeing Frozen, I have sang Let it Go more time than I can count (and care to admit).  I love the passion and fun that all Disney songs express.

I grew up on Clint Black, Garth Brooks, and Travis Tritt.  Country music is my true love.  There is nothing like a country concert.  Cowboy hats, boots, plaid, and cute cowboys.  I will never grow tired of my favorite singers twanging about pick up trucks, heartbreak, drinking, and southern living.

Dating Eric has opened up my eyes to a whole new side of music.  I have attended not one, but two Lollapaloozas.  I have walked through who knows what, stood in 90 degree weather to watch bands I have never heard of, and waited in line to use the most disgusting Port-a-Potties, but surprisingly loved every minute of it.  Eric and my music tastes are SO far apart, that it works.  I’m actually looking forward to my first Nine Inch Nail concert this summer.

Music does so much for me.  It entertains.  It brightens my mood.  It makes me cry my eyes out.  It pushes me through my workouts.  I may not have a musical bone in my body, but I have a love of music in my heart.

Spring Break

Today, the first day of Spring Break.  A very happy day for many teachers.  Although I am excited about a week of no work, no students, and no early mornings, I am also a bit sad as well.  Today I said good bye to my students knowing full well when they return to me in a week, they will be different. They will be..




-nicer to one another (fondness makes the heart grow stronger)


-smarter (brain wise, hopefully not mouth wise)


-more curious

-excited about the last stretch

-sad about the last stretch


Third graders walked out of my classroom today, but in one week almost fourth graders will be walking in.  Soon to be fourth graders who have spent the last 5 or 6 years together…growing together…learning together…facing and overcoming challenges together.  Soon to be fourth graders who will get to spend two more months together before they are no longer together. 


They Taught Me

When I was 20 years old, I spent my summer working as a counselor at a summer camp.  For one week our campers were burn survivors.  Our camp was overtaken by several nurses, doctors, firefighters, and children who had been through a lot and who taught me so much!

Some burns were minimal, while others were severe.

Some scars were external, while others were internal.

Some burns were accidental, while others were purposeful.

They taught me about courage…

I watched as one of my campers inched forward on the diving board, absolutely terrified.  She wasn’t scared of heights, she was scared her wig would fly off if she jumped.  Two seconds later I watched her plug her nose with one hand as she placed her other on top of her head and jumped bravely into the pool.

They taught me about self-confidence…

Leon was 7 foot of attitude stuffed into a 3 foot nothing little boy.  “Jessica, you’re my date to the dance.”  Of course I agreed, until I found out I was one of many ‘dates.’  After I confronted him (with a smile) he simply replied, “Playas gotta play.”

They taught me about devotion…

Those nurses, doctors, and firefighters took the same week off of work every year to attend camp.  Firefighters dressed up like cheerleaders, nurses left their families, and doctors cooked amazing meals so that every one of those campers could have the best week of the year.

They taught me about acceptance…

Those campers did not care how anybody looked.  These fellow burn victims were their family.  The firefighters, nurses, doctors, and  counselors were their family.  It didn’t matter that they only saw each other for one week a year, all that mattered is that during that week, they weren’t the kids with the scars and the burns, they were just normal, every day kids going to camp and having fun.

They taught me…

That my problems are small by comparison.




Prom…that romantic evening that every young girl looks forward to…

The dress…the date…the pictures…the dancing…the laughter…the after prom events…

Romantic?! Nope!

My prom was memorable, just not the way I had hoped.  My date was boring and honestly I don’t remember much of the actual prom.  I didn’t dance that much, the food wasn’t that great,and I don’t remember laughing a whole lot.  Actually, all the excitement came after prom.

Like many young prom goers, we rented a limo and took it into the city.  Our night started with a romantic carriage ride.  Romantic?!  Nope!  Smelly…yes.  It was cold that night, so the carriage driver was nice enough to give us a blanket to keep us warm and cozy.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure it was the blanket she used to keep the horses warm.

The next stop that evening was a romantic dinner.  Romantic?!  Nope!  Intimidating…yes.  Our restaurant of choice was a greasy, grimy, gross 50’s diner.  Located at the table next to us was a large group of men who looked and sounded like they had just walked out of Goodfellas.  It was hard to concentrate on my food because I was too afraid of making eye contact with anybody.

Lastly, it was a romantic stroll back to our limo.  Romatic?!  Nope!  Dangerous…yes.  Painful…you bet.  My friend’s boyfriend swept her off her feet and carried her across the street.  In my infinite wisdom, I mockingly jeered, “Wish someone would carry me.”  Wish granted, I too was lifted off my feet.  Two steps into the busy downtown street, the light turned green, my date’s knee gave out, and I was flying through the air, only to land on my butt.  Traffic was nice enough to stop, and my two friends were even nicer, as they carried my date back to the limo. 

The only laugh of the night, came from the kind man who witnessed my fall, as he howled, “Damn, that white girl just bounced like a rock!”