Name Changer

As is custom, when a girl gets married, she changes her last name to her new husband’s.  The more I think about changing my name, the more my feelings get mixed up…

Pros to becoming Mrs. Gibbons:

– I move up in the alphabet.

– It is A LOT easier to spell. (And most people can pronounce it without much help.)

– I have ALWAYS been excited about being a Mrs. one day

Cons to becoming Mrs. Gibbons:

– As my students nicely reminded me…a Gibbons is a howling monkey.  So…my new name: Mrs. Howling Monkey

– Since my parents never had a son, the Tuohy name ends with my dad.  That fact saddens me.

– Throughout high school and even now, I am usually known simply as Tuohy. I’ve always thought it has had a great ring to it.

Thankfully I have over a year to let the idea settle.